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Sree Saai Bachpan pre school


S.S.V.V.N. Lakshmi was born and brought up at chennai she is highly qualified educationalist with qualifications M.A., M.A.Bed, she had a vast experience of 25 years in teaching filed and worked at chennai and Andhra Pradesh also. Where ever she worked, the school used to get cent percent results with state ranks. In spite of her busy and hardworking life in educational field, she participated in many social activities also. She was the Lions Club president and Zonal Chair-person of Lions Club. Now under her leadership, the new school Sree Saai Bachpan pre school came into existance from this year at our Rajahmundry.
Now the need for quality education is felt by people ar all leversl of Society today beacuse of tough compitition in the various walks of life. Such an education calls for schooling that goes beyond the limits of text books, but includes exposure to the arts , crafts, skills, value education and even with the latest technology. In short the need is felt more strongly than ever before for a truly comprehensive education which will systematically contribute to the all round development of the child's presonality. It is the objective of Saai Sreee Bachpan School to fulfill vital needs of the immediate community.
The focus is on stress - free education. where the child enjoys what is learnt. Experiences that are enjoyed will never be forgotten. These concepts are understood anchored and remain with the children. 
They recognise letters and sounds and they represent words they know. They start asking meaningful questions and making perceptive observation. 
Language skills are acquainted through a rich variety of activies, games, songs and story telling sessions. They are encouraged to retell stories in their own. In this way their own  words to role play and to narrate experience of their ovvn capacity, fluency, vocabui, are enhanced. 
A school is a place where allround development is focused on them that is activies, sports, arts, inculcating of values, developing a social conscience and preparing for future life. All these aspects have been given their rightful place in our vision. 
Sree Saai Bachpan School established in 2013 and maintains two branches 1. Near Bigbazar , Old somalamma Road , 2. Hukumepta , Near State Bank.
Top Feature are:
1. CBSE  Syllabus from Play Group to 5th standard.
2. Abacus in School
3.Cursive writing in regular school
4. Focus on communication skills
5. Teachers are from Other states (They cannot speak telugu)
6.Outdoor and Indoor ganers
7.Co-Curricular Activities
8.Dance classes in regular school hours
8.Drawing , Art & Craft classes
10.Tutions are also available
11.Extra classes after school hours are Guitar  , Keyboard etc..,
Salient Features:
Personal car & attention
Ensures overall development of the child through holistic approach.
Learning by doing
Teacher and student ration 1:15
Conducting mothers workshop and parent awareness programmes
To keep the flavour of the childhood in the child
Provides necessary environment for nurturing the individual talents and skills
Taking children to field trips.